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    My Company Access (MCA) helps benefits brokers and small-medium-sized businesses manage employee benefits, HR, and payroll information from a secure website. With MCA’s straightforward, affordable solution, employees can easily access benefits-related information and forms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere. Contact us to learn how we can simplify benefits management and help you comply with new Healthcare Reform regulations.

Healthcare Reform

Complex Healthcare Reform (HCR) has many associated risks:


Risk #1 – The costs of non-compliance
Risk #2 – Confusion over HCR/benefits
Risk #3 – Complex benefits management
Risk #4 – Decreased employee morale
Risk #5 – Insufficient broker resources
Risk #6 – Overspending on benefits

MCA addresses these risks by helping businesses better manage their employee benefit offerings. Our easy-to-use benefits management software helps companies increase revenue, reduce administration costs, and lower frustration across the board. And because we’re product, broker, and carrier neutral, we never sell or promote benefits products or services.



MCA’s benefits management software does the following:

1. Provides a custom, low-cost portal that simplifies payroll/benefits administration.
2. Situates all HR, payroll, and benefits information in one central place.
3. Reduces broker/employer workload.
4. Improves productivity/lowers frustration for brokers, employers, and employees.
5. Organizes information into a safe, convenient location that’s accessible 24/7.
6. Dramatically reduces administrative tasks and associated non-billable hours.
7. Maximizes employee use of the site, along with their understanding of benefits.
8. Offers a notification center that reminds employers/employees of key dates.
9. Reduces risks of corporate fines for noncompliance and employer liability.

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MyCompanyAccess.com (MCA) is an internet-based employee benefit administration and communication platform. Our secure SSL 128 bit encrypted website has individual username and password access to easily streamline, organize, and manage all of your benefits, HR, and payroll information. Employees are able to access benefits related information, links, and forms 24 hours per day from anywhere with an internet connection.

About Us

Benefits management will take on new dimensions for small and medium-sized businesses as employers and employees are inundated with Healthcare Reform information. Many of the benefits management systems in the marketplace are expensive, and they overpromise, under-deliver, and create additional liability. Established by cofounders Brad Paz and Rick Giampietro in 2010, MyCompanyAccess (MCA) helps small to medium-sized businesses manage their employee benefit offerings, along with their HR and payroll information. Our affordable, flexible, and transparent solution makes it simple for companies to organize and manage employee benefit programs (and we’re product, broker, and carrier neutral). In today's changing climate, one size doesn’t fit all, and brokers, employers, and employees have come to count on our user-friendly tool, which can be easily customized to address their unique challenges.

brad paz
Brad is the Co-Founder/President of MyCompanyAccess. He is an independent consultant,  healthcare communication expert, and insurance industry veteran with over 12 years of experience in managing a broad base of insurance products (from individual P&C to group benefits) and overseeing multiple benefit programs for a small business with more than 1,000 independent contractors. As a managing member of a Colorado insurance agency, he maximizes the use of technology to create engagement opportunities between consumers and benefit brokers.
Email: brad@mycompanyaccess.com.  Phone: 720.445.6221